Howdy we are Andrew and Allison and we are the co-loudest and co-proudest members of the Feast Functions Committee! As the Functions Committee we are responsible for helping our freshman plan and put on all the social events for Feast throughout the year. Our goal as the Functions Co-Chairs is to provide opportunities for freshmen to interact and better connect through various holiday socials, parties, and formals!


Howdy! We’re Ella Sanders and David Rose and we’re the co-loudest and co-proudest co-chairs of Feast Staff ‘27 Fundraising Committee. We manage funds for the rest of the organization, by holding profit shares, and other various fundraising events. We organize Committee Olympics to encourage friendly competition between all seven committees.


Howdy! We are Elise and Bobby but more importantly we are the co-loudest, and the co-proudest co-chairs of the PROMO. Our job as promo co-chairs is to design and distribute all of the merch! We are so excited to meet our perfect 10!

Service League

HOWDY!!! Our names are Evan Lee and Kenna Zeller and we are so so so incredibly excited and grateful for the chance to be the Sleag Co-Chairs for the Class of ‘27. Although, more importantly we are the loudest and the proudest members of the fighting Texas Aggie Class of ‘26 A-A-A-A-A!  We will be in charge of street cleanups, service retreat, and planning a philanthropy event in the spring. We can’t wait to create meaningful friendships with the Class of ‘27 through acts of service. This year we hope to give freshmen the opportunity to be involved in Aggie tradition as well as help them find their place at A&M!


Howdy! We are Oliver and Landry, and we are the co-loudest and the co-proudest LEADERSHIP committee co-chairs for the class of 2027! Our goals are to encourage freshmen to develop personal growth and friendship through leadership events. We plan the Feast all-night sports event/ tournaments, Shack-A-Thon, and Spring Retreat. We Love to hang out, have committee time, ice cream runs and so much more. We can’t wait to meet the Fighting Class of 2027!

12th Man

Howdy! We are Chloe and Kalen, but most importantly we are the co-loudest, co-proudest, co-chairs of the 12th man Committee. Our jobs are camping out for ticket pulls for the home football games, making intramural teams, picking the game of the week, hosting two tailgates for Feast, and organizing Good-Bull nights.  We are hoping to go back to back champions of Committee Olympics, but more importantly we are hoping for a close group of Freshman that will support and help each other.


Howdy, we are Tyler Yates and Grace Le and we are the Co-Loudest and Co-Proudest members of the Outreach Committee. Our job as the Outreach committee chairs is to help our FEAST freshman connect with freshmen from other FLOs, as we will be setting up Co-FLO events throughout the year. We also are responsible for finding guest speakers from other organizations to talk at our weekly meetings in order to inform the freshman of events occurring outside of FEAST. Lastly, we are also responsible for setting up an All-FLO event that will take place during the 2nd semester. We are so excited to meet our 10 perfect Outreach freshmen. Throw the O!